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Geoffrey G. Nathan – Premier Criminal Defense Attorney in Massachusetts

  • 90% Acquittal/ Success Rate
  • Regularly featured on TV local & national
  • 4,000 Plea Bargains
  • 1,000 Constitutional Motions Argued
  • 500 Trials

Attorney Geoffrey G. Nathan is the top independent criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts and the United States Federal Court. Not a public defender his loyalty is to his clients only.

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Attorney Nathan has a top rated not guilty success rate. Some of his recent successful cases include:

  • FBI Arrest international drug courier in Israel, Nathan gets client released on $1.5m bond; case settled
  • DEA Arrest Canadian on 2nd Narcotics Charge: Nathan gets bond and client released; case negotiated
  • Federal Benefit Program Fraud: Govt sought hard prison time, Nathan gets house arrest on electronic bracelet
  • White Collar Crime:  federal mortgage fraud investigated. No charges after negotiations.
  • Embezzlement in State Court $75k: client charged, not guilty on both counts when money is paid back
  • Solicitation of Minor for Sex:  no sentence imposed after plea hearing
  • Armed Robbery While Masked: result:  mask is dismissed;  no sentence on this mandatory count

Attorney Nathan represents his clients in a full range of misdemeanor and Federal felony cases, including but not limited to the following:

Born and raised in Boston, Nathan graduated on law review from Boston College Law School and plunged right into defense work since 1988. Today, Nathan is an instantly recognized and trustworthy criminal defense lawyer with decades on TV and being a fixture in court means prosecutors, judges and court officials know who he is. His negotiated results are fantastic and his jury not guilty verdict rate incredible. With 20+ years of experience, when he appears in court he is prepared with legal materials, ipad containing recent court opinions and statutes,  and his overwhelming in-court demeanor makes the government reduce charges and/or Nathan gets deals his clients are thrilled with. If a jury trial is required he usually is victorious. Nathan represents clients in state court felonies, federal financial matters, drug dealing, embezzlement, counterfeiting and sex charges.

His law practice has been situated in Boston in the same office for 20+ years he is a stable fixture in the legal scene. Nathan travels the state appearing in courts throughout Massachusetts and beyond its borders when so hired. For example, Nathan’s complex defense of international war crimes experience defending US soldiers prosecuted by the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan in military court have been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. His Massachusetts cases have been featured on local TV, all channels.

  • Attorney Nathan provides exemplary criminal defense in both Massachusetts and US district court and his law practice is supported by law clerks, paralegals and associate attorneys both in his office and throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Some of his successful trials have included not guilty drugs; attempted murder; motor vehicle homicide, and home invasion; cash forfeiture—international group gets its cash returned; monetary crimes and sex crimes.
  • Attorney Nathan is experienced in successfully negotiating with the United States Attorney’s Office, District Attorneys, state agencies, DEA, Homeland Security, Secret Service and ATF. A Strong Record of Criminal Defense Success; defends your rights and get you justice call now for no cost consultation.

Nathan is as strong as it gets, currently at the peak of his career’s success rate and he maintains and one-on-one relationship with his clients who receive flat rate fee agreements issued by the Bar. Call now (617) 472-5775 or complete the form above.

  • Nathan is experienced in successfully negotiating with the United States Attorney’s Office, District Attorneys, state agencies,  DEA, Homeland Security
  • A Strong Record of Criminal Defense Success; local lawyer you need now to defend your rights and get you justice call now for no cost consultation.

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Under investigation or arrested? You need a highly qualified criminal defense lawyer whose law practice is defense who was never a former prosecutor. You should never be unrepresented in a court of law. If you do not have an attorney, or have an attorney not well experienced in criminal defense, you could face serious legal consequences including prison. Ihere are many ways that an experienced and successful defense attorney such as Attorney Nathan resolves a criminal case but before any charges are filed is the best time to lawyer up. However, if you already were charged, Attorney Nathan will provide you the best criminal defense possible in Massachusetts.

He is also able to take over your case from the public defender or from your current lawyer if you are not satisfied and he will help you transfer your file to his office call now for no charge consultation 617-472-5775

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